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The global COVID-19 shutdown has fundamentally impacted the real estate market. Very recently is it that we observe its emergence post shut-down, with companies recovering from the setback the virus caused. Fortunately, owing to the inevitability of construction works, the real estate market continues to attract the potential clients from across the world. It has, however, made the situation uncertain in some cases. 

The worldwide demand for real estate works is due to the binding relation between the property yields and rate of interest. In addition, inflation is imposing a parallel pressure, signaling a sense of caution in the markets. Statistical evidence has begun to unveil potential risks and paybacks of real estate investment. This makes the situation both a nod and a yes for potential investors. While capital accumulation or build-up is one thing that attracts them, the sustainability in construction attracts potential clients. The resilience of building over the past years has been increased and green buildings are touted as the new trend in the market. This is because the global market has realized the significance of greenhouse gas emissions, the major contributor to which are the buildings, the concrete one in particular. By reducing the coercive impact of such emissions, the contractors are now focusing on building eco-friendly buildings and this trend has improved the aesthetics of otherwise gray concrete structures. 

Urbanization is growing as cities are expanding day by day. This means that the residential real estate market is all out for a competition each day. Competitive landscapes sometime 

Another global trend that is pacing up over the years is the use of virtual reality and augmented reality. This advancement in technology provides a 3D visualization of a structure before it is put on the ground and materialized according to the drawings. For the real estate sector, it is a win-win strategy since the clients get to see a visual of their potential investments.  

The emergence of smart and sustainable cities within cities is another trend that has caught significant attention over the past years. Smart city projects are a hub of investment and they attract a lot of clients. These projects are aimed at providing compact and sustainable structures in eco-friendly communities and comfortable surroundings, easing the regions access to main city spots. The smart city is aimed at promoting economic growth and providing quality life to the citizens. The key features of such a project include;

  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Improved regional access
  • Aesthetic and up-to-date plans 

Real estate investors have now come to a conclusion that in order to stay relevant in the industry, they need to set aside traditional methods and attract investment from outside by upgrading the quality of services they provide by incorporating advanced technology in their construction work and going for an environment-friendly approach.

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