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About Jaya Savalani

I’m Jaya Savalani, my passion is to provide lifestyle and business consulting services! I am a luxury real estate agent on the sunny island of Barbados! I cater to clients that are individuals, families, corporations and government entities

Want to buy a home? an office? a beach front land or villas or properties? Agriculture land for sustainable farming?  Hotel developments? Golf luxury lifestyle properties? or even commercialand or property? Want to build a legacy? Message or call me! I will provide you bespoke services, work very hard and due diligently for you! I’ll network to ensure you are happy and get what you want!  

Luxury Lifestyle Shop is a personal brand and consulting business that was founded in 2021 during the covid pandemic lockdown by Jaya Savalani. Having had 15 years of corporate experience as an executive in the finance, wealth management, consultancy, real estate and fashion industries it was time to become an entrepreneur and launch her own personal brand. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies such as AON Hewitt Inc, Munich Ergo Asset Management GmbH (MEAG New York) and working alongside other leading brands has given her the experience needed to assist others who want to pursue their career paths and passion. I was able to start my career as a luxury real estate agent during the pandemic! I now seek clients and build my network to ensure delivery of bespoke properties in the Caribbean and Global markets! Purposefully Guided. Purposefully Proven. She is a mother of 2 beautiful children, an author who has written 4 books and is now on her way to helping other people achieve success they want and can reach with the correct guidance.

If you’re ready, I’d love to chat with you about how I can help! 

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