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About Jaya Savalani

I’m Jaya Savalani, my passion is to provide lifestyle and      business consulting services! I am a luxury real estate agent on the sunny island of Barbados! I cater to clients that are           individuals, families, corporations and government entities

I launched my business, Savalani Inc, last year, in the midst of post covid pandemic times. This year, we celebrate the company’s first year in business, along with celebrating      success one step at a time! 

I am grateful and humbled to all the persons who have helped me during these challenging times, supported and believed in me. 

Covid Pandemic times were difficult for everyone worldwide, as a new real estate agent in Barbados, I am grateful to the    support and kindness of all the individuals and companies in the industry that have supported me and each other during these challenging times. 

Together and united we all grow making Barbados a world class global location.

Having 20 years of corporate experience as an executive in the finance, wealth management, consultancy and real estate industries it was time to become an entrepreneur and launch my own personal brand. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies such as AON Hewitt Inc, Munich Ergo Asset Management GmbH (MEAG New York) and working alongside other leading brands enabled me to gain the experience needed to assist others who want to join, grow, pursue their career paths and passion. I was able to start my career as a luxury real estate agent during the pandemic! As I build my network and clientele to ensure delivery of bespoke properties in the Caribbean and Global markets! I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, an author who has written 4 books and is now on my way to helping other people. I enjoy playing golf, yoga, cooking, reading, traveling, listening to music, listening to podcasts and drawing.

At Savalani’s our love for all things real estate and giving back is immeasurable. It is our ethos to provide quality real estate to suit clients lifestyle that stands the test of time and we will never compromise on this. Real Estate is in our DNA, we enjoy learning about our products and client lifestyles.

Many thanks for your continued support.

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