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About Jaya Savalani

I’m Jaya Savalani, my passion is to provide lifestyle and business consulting services! I am a luxury real estate agent in Barbados, gem of the Caribbean!

I cater to clients that are individuals, families, expats, diplomats, corporations and government entities.

Want to buy a home? an office? a beach front land? Stand alone home? villa or property in a development? property in a gated community? Agriculture land for sustainable farming? Hotels? Golf luxury lifestyle properties? or even commercial land or property? Want to build a legacy? First time buyer? Want to build your portfolio or make changes to your portfolio?

Message or call me! I will provide you bespoke services, work very hard and due diligently for you! I’ll network to ensure you are happy and get the property and lifestyle you want!

At Savalani Inc. our love for all things real estate and giving back is immeasurable. It is our ethos to provide quality world – class real estate to suit clients lifestyle that stands the test of time and we will never compromise on this. Real Estate is in our DNA, we enjoy learning about our products, living our lifestyle and hope you will too. Supporting Cancer Awareness, Climate Change, Sustainability, Clean Energy and Eco-friendly causes.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics, Communications and a certificate in International Business from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. I have 20 years corporate experience  working in Hong Kong, USA and Barbados.

I am a certified Real Estate Agent in Barbados and a member of the Barbados Estate Agent and Valuers Association (BEAVA). Member of Ryan Serhant’s Sales Community. Member of Alpha Kappa Psi Co Ed Business Fraternity. Member of Rutgers Alumni Association. Member of the Ecologi Family supporting reforestation and planting trees where we have planted 50 trees in 2022.

I look forward to working together! With Gratitude

Jaya Savalani


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Happy Client
Happy Client
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"I feel your company provides a good value. The process was simple, and at a price that is fair."
Happy Client
Happy Client
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"Using savvylifestyle for me was a great decision on my part. Easier than I thought. Customer Support was awesome and speedy in responding to my many requests. The patience was just phenomenal and the service provided was above and beyond expectations. Thank you savvylifestyle!"
Happy Client
Happy Client
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"The overall experience with savvylifestyle is outstanding. It's quick, simple and professional. Althought there's been a few problems, the staff provided an instant support and fixed the issue in no time"


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